See what our brothers and sisters are saying how their lives changed with KPM

It was the first time that I attended the KPM trainings in the DR and I have to tell you that I my partner and I are impacted with this as this transformed sincerely our thoughts... I have 5 years in this business and never heard a teaching like this one, totally scriptural based in the business area. I asked the Lord for a Kingdom mentality to develop my business and this is what I have been receiving here.
— Cristino Mejía, Dominican Republic
Recently, there were less customers visiting our internet café because of the spread of smartphones. We still gave thanks to God and asked for his guidance following the teaching that we learned in KPM training. In that time, a photo studio right next to our store was closed. Many people who came for that store came into our cafe and asked what had happened to this photo studio, and even asked me if I could take a picture for them. So I brought my camera, made a small place at the corner of our café, and started taking pictures for them. Now our profit grew over five times in this year. We obeyed the teaching from KPM training that we always need to be sensitive to God’s voice and customers’ need, and our business expanded.
— Alexey Velikiy, Moldova
want to thank KPM for providing me funds to purchase a motorcycle for my milk delivery business. I started selling sausages and seasonal fruits as well this month. Though it is slow, my business is growing and growing.
— Zunilda Santacruz, Paraguay
Because all the things that you have taught us in the last 3 years, I can tell you that my life, my world, my business now are focused on God thanks to you.
— Francis Vasquez, Dominican Republic
The seminars that were led by KPM gave me a lot of courage, so I decided to go out on the streets and start selling ice cream. Then, I had an idea to start a restaurant, but I did not want to take on any debt. Through the help of Missionary Kang and KPM, I was able to start my restaurant business without taking on any debt. 
— Johnnatan Taron, Dominican Republic
Before learning these things, I was afraid of taking risks and making changes in my business, but after the seminar, I understood a lot more about what steps I needed to take, and how to manage risks to my advantage. Since then, I’ve been able to expand my business, and have been able to set contracts with the government to reconstruct the electrical wiring for the schools in my village, and also in nearby villages.
— Vladimir Filev, Moldova
Pastor Yurii Boyarkin is a pastor of a church in a village in Moldova, and owns a wig store. Through KPM, Pastor Yurii was able to receive business training and a loan to help grow his business. Currently, Pastor Yurii has fully paid his loans back to KPM, has expanded his wig business to five different locations, and is currently planning to export his wigs overseas.
— Yuri Boiarkin, Moldova
We think that every lesson that KPM has given us (personal or online) has impacted strongly our lives; most of all because everything have been totally connected and towards God´s given vision of reclaiming the 7 mountains that influence society, starting by the business mountain that is the one that finance the other ones. We embraced the vision; we are living every day in order of God plan and purpose and not only in all of our nation the Dominican Republic but also expanding it to many other nations.
— Hugo Matos, Dominican Republic
Larisa in Moldova almost went bankrupt, but after receiving mentoring and funds from KPM, she started a sewing machine import business. Through this experience, she grew in her faith that God is the Provider, and shares her testimony with others.
In 2014, God answered her prayer and guided her to expand her business. Now she is operating another business across her previous store.
— Larissa Machinskaya (Owns a sewing machine import and a clothing shop), Moldova
We wanted to start a community-based business that’s mostly run by the youth of our church so that they can learn about operating a business…There aren’t any bakeries in our community, and this would be a chance for many of our locals to participate, and help reduce poverty in our village.”
 Through the business mentorship of KPM, Myriam was able to plan and start her bakery business in Puerto Botanico, and received a loan through KPM to purchase a commercial oven for baking bread.
— Myriam De Narvaez, Paraguay