Background:  The Dominican Republic was the last of the Caribbean islands to be colonized by Europeans due chiefly to the fierce resistance of the native Caribs. France ceded possession to Great Britain in 1763, which made the island a colony in 1805. In 1980, two years after independence, Dominican's fortunes improved when a corrupt and tyrannical administration was replaced by that of Mary Eugenia Charles; the first female prime minister in the Caribbean, who remained in office for 15 years. Some 3,000 Carib Indians still living in the Dominican Republic are the only pre-Columbian population remaining in the eastern Caribbean.

Languages:  English (official), French patois

Religions:  Roman Catholic 61.4%, Protestant 20.6% (Seventh-Day Adventist 6%, Pentecostal 5.6%, Baptist 4.1%, Methodist 3.7%, Church of God 1.2%), Jehovah's Witnesses 1.2%, other Christian 7.7%, Rastafarian 1.3%, other or unspecified 1.6%, none 6.1% (2001 census)

Population:  73,449 (July 2014 est.) Country comparison to the world:  202

Hello dear brothers and sisters, God bless you!

My name is Cristino Mejía. It was the first time that I attended the KPM trainings in the DR and I have to tell you that my partner and I are impacted with this as this transformed sincerely our thoughts and put us in the compromise of moving ahead to change our thoughts with god thoughts. 

I have to say that all I have received is true and such a blessing, because I have been fighting against the enemies that have been trying to take me down, but the bible says that those at our side are more of the adversary side. 

I have 5 years in this business and never heard a teaching like this one, totally scriptural based in the business area. I asked the Lord for a Kingdom mentality to develop my business and this is what I have been receiving here. I asked Him a big mentality, because as we believe things are just like that. 

When I started my business I worked for 3 years with the same business, stuck and not growing and I asked the Lord why I was not advancing. I kept praying and praying, while asking my girlfriend (now my wife) what was going on, why the business does not grow. I was fasting, having a lot of debts and I had 7 money collectors behind me. We started to feel that we were going to faint.

In that moment the problem of the cholera arrived to the DR and I was thinking that the business was going to go fall down, but in the middle of the storm I started to ask the Lord to help us make things with His love and His way, to give me wisdom and I created the original Dominican Sushi rolls with His wisdom changing the uncooked ones for cooked. Immediately the people started to like them and everything started to change. So in that moment the business started to grow but it did not arrived to the level that I wanted it to be. I was crossing thru a deep financial crisis in that moment and the Lord told me to get marry with a beautiful wedding for 250 people and I believed it was the voice of God, and I said to the Lord, you will marry me, you will provide. The bible says you believe and God does it. But the business was not growing and I had past payments to do.

At that moment I understood that was a matter of changing my thoughts for God’s thoughts and obeying immediately His words and it was clear to me just with that point that I was eating the seed, the tint, the offering. My business was not growing and not advancing because of that and just changing one thing, everything started to change and advance. For a confirmation I went to preach in a Church and the Lord told me there “you know why your business does not grow because you are a thief, you are stealing from me” and I understood that if I do not give to Him everything that belongs to Him, so I am a robber. In that moment, the business grew up from 60,000 Dominican pesos (DOP) to 150,000 DOP. So I started to give more and it went up from that to 500,000 DOP. So I saw that I was not giving Him enough that I was in love with mamon, so I started to give more and more, when I turned totally my heart to God it grew up to 1,300,000 DOP monthly. It not only grew up in sales but also in new stores, and this year I opened 3 new stores. The Lord says in the Bible to probe me here, in this… so we should do everything as the Bible tell us, according to the scripture, not missing even one part. Even if we are Christians in the business area or in a Startup we should not eat the seed, we should plant it, obey Him in everything, start changing our thoughts for His thoughts as this men of God from KPM have been teaching us and we will see the growth in our lives, in everything we do and in our families.

Thank you!

Cristino Mejía (Sushi Restaurant named, Make Sushi by Cristino with 7 stores), Dominican Republic

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God bless you brother Daniel Kang.

I do really want you to be able to know in a more personal way our mission in the business that we are developing actually and to give us also a visit.

My business has a vision of being the number one supplier of car accessories, developing it greatly without losing the position of our customers. We are providing any type of car implement even if is parts of services. We have strong values as honesty, culture, fidelity, responsibility, legitimacy in all of the actions that we execute when doing a sale.

So our major need still is growing deeply in my relation with the Lord, because if we forget God we will fail and fall. Your spiritual mentoring and continuous trainings, like the excellent one from Joseph, is much needed and much appreciated at this time. Another thing that we do really need but is secondary is financial investment, supervision and direction to develop God´s way business and use that investment in the proper way for His Glory. I do really need a personalized mentoring from you, as you are a great man of God that have been already a huge blessing in my life, in my business and even your teachings have been a blessings in my family. Also we want more training as well in all the possible areas and to have the CEO school very soon available for us.

Personally I want to learn about how to refuge on God when taking decisions, even if they are administrative or operational. I know that I should never drop things apart that I should face them and I should always persist against all things. But the truth is that I get tired sometimes and thanks to you and your team now I am keeping this alive in my soul and I keep walking even with all that I am facing.

Because all the things that you have taught us in the last 3 years, I can tell you that my life, my world, my business now are focused on God thanks to you. I have thrown out the things of the world that I was doing, not everything but I am on the way of completing it. But Joseph training impacted my life greatly, because only thinking that if in the pass I would had acted like Joseph maybe today my testimony for sure will be a different one. Now I clearly understand and that is all thanks to you Mr. Kang that is to know you and also Hugo and your team, for me to focuses my life more and more in Christ.

In my Project I want to make of the Dominican Republic a small South Korea by importing many products and services from that nation, because they have so much quality in all they do and that has not been exploded in the car area. For example I was telling Hugo the other day that the Korean Batteries in this country are better taken now than the ones from Japan or even the United States. It have change so much that now 3 major importers of the DR are importing different brand of batteries from South Korea giving trust to our market. This is what I mean, when you says to a customer that a car tire is from Korea, in the past time was like saying they are the same as from china, now when you say it, they take it with very high quality as our people believes more and more in Korean products and services. Plus if we get the factor price, so I know that the Dominican Market will be completely impacted by many Korean products.

Francis Vasquez (Auto parts and lubricants business), Dominican Republic 

We praise God for Missionary Daniel kang, for Mr. Abraham Jeon and all of the KPM Team because they have been used by Him to transform our thoughts, the way we relate with Him, the way we do business and in consequence our lives in each and every area. Now we are awake to know and understand that we were made in and thru Christ, Kings and Priests (Revelations 5:9-10). That we are Christian 24/7 and that there is no difference between our secular work and our ministry work, because everything is ministry and we should do everything we do according to the scripture for the Glory of the Lord. Another thing and this is very relevant and preponderant is that God used them to bring us directly to hold strongly to the Principles and Values of the Bible and to the Communion with Him, and to not let go. We keep renewing our minds each and every day based on what the bible says in Romans 12:2 ”And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Now we know how to overcome situations in our lives as in 1 John 5:3-5”In fact, this is love for God: to keep his commands. And his commands are not burdensome, for everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.” So we are completely focused in bearing fruit for God and fruit that last.  

We think that every lesson that KPM has given us (personal or online) has impacted strongly our lives; most of all because everything have been totally connected and towards God´s given vision of reclaiming the 7 mountains that influence society, starting by the business mountain that is the one that finance the other ones. We embraced the vision; we are living every day in order of God plan and purpose and not only in all of our nation the Dominican Republic but also expanding it to many other nations.

Hugo Matos (the leader of BIM group in Dominican Republic), Dominican Republic

I met Missionary Kang in 2011 when he was leading a business seminar.  I went mostly because I wanted to have the courage to start my own business.  People in my community thought I was an American [because of the way I look], and assumed that I was already rich. This made me afraid, and I became too ashamed to go and find a job on the streets and earn a living. The seminars that were led by KPM gave me a lot of courage, so I decided to go out on the streets and start selling ice cream. Then, I had an idea to start a restaurant, but I did not want to take on any debt. Through the help of Missionary Kang and KPM, I was able to start my restaurant business without taking on any debt. I used all of the furniture in my home, and put them in the restaurant.  People really loved it!  They say it makes the restaurant, and the food, feel more like home.

My restaurant is continuing to do very well, and now I want to rent a four-story building to make the biggest health-food restaurant in all of Dominican Republic!  I am so thankful to God that I was able to receive courage and business training through KPM.

Johnnatan Taron (Restaurant business), Dominican Republic